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Paper Mache Recipe


The Different Types of Paper Mache Paste

paper-mache-recipe-1When I first became interested in paper mache as an art form, I was not aware of the many different types of paper mache that I could use.  In fact, I thought there was one type of paste and you used that for whatever you wanted to.

What I didn’t realize is that there were a number of different pastes and they were used for a number of different ways.  In addition, you could mix and match your paste to determine the end result in both consistency and texture.

If you are new to the world of paper mache, you are probably wondering what the different types of paper mache types are.  These are:

Flour paste

Usually combines flour and water together to make a glue like paste with it.  Flour paste creates a fairly strong finish; however, there is often a residue of flour over the paper mache that can dull the paint when you paint

Cooked Paste

Cooked paste uses flour as well as a few other ingredients and it is cooked on the stove.  This paste often hardens harder than other paper mache pastes so it is perfect for projects that you want to last longer.

Resin Glue Powder

Another recipe that uses flour, this also uses a resin glue powder to make the paper mache harder.  It creates a thicker glue and is often a harder paper mache, which makes it better for projects you want to last.  This is different than resin glue since it simply uses glue and water.  It is a very light paper mache paste and is an ideal paste to use when you are trying to make paper mache with tissue paper.  In addition, you can use this paste as a sealer for your paper mache creations when they are done.  It does dry with a glossy finish when you use it in this manner.

Wallpaper Glue

One of the easiest paper mache paste to use, all you simply need to purchase is wall paper paste and get creating.  paper-mache-recipe-2This is simple but I do not recommend it for young children since it can make them sick.  Also, be prepared for a hard finish.

In addition to the different types of paste that you can make, you can also make pulps, which will allow you to sculpt with your paper mache.  To do this, simply soak a cup of shredded paper bits in one cup of water over night.  Once it has soaked, break it up into a pulp and then use a flour recipe to create the paper mache pulp you want.  Pulp is a clay like paper mache that can be formed or molded.

Remember, when you choose a paper mache paste recipe that you want to match it to the paper you are using. If your paper is light, make sure you use a thinner paper mache or it will tear the paper.


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